About Us


Trust Products Limited is one of the fastest growing paint companies in East and Central Africa based in Uganda. It was founded in the year 2000 by Mr. Ssekamwa Gerald. We manufacture the best quality Automotive Refinishing products, Coatings, Decorative paints, Thinners and Industrial Chemical supplies. For the past few decades, we have been supplying our customers with the best quality and lastingĀ  products and our market share has been fast growing.

Our production factory is located in Lungujja parish, Rubaga Division in Kampala City, Uganda. Being one of the fastest growing paint and industrial chemical producing companies in the region, we are committed to ever providing the best quality paint and chemical supplies for our customers.

Our Brand
Our Trust brand reflects what we stand for. It makes our products Unique and distinctive and provides our customers with a hallmark of trust and quality.
We believe that our paints and chemical products change the quality of life of our customers in the East and Central African Region by going beyond surface. For example, we transform communities through the power of color and supply the essential ingredients that make life more livable.

Produce and deliver lasting, effective and quality products
Central to our vision is a Strong focus on the key end-user segments which will enable us to get closer to our customers and be much more responsive to the dynamics of markets in which we operate. These segments include;
1) Buildings and Infrastructure paints
2) Automotive Paints
3) Industrial Chemical Products

To help us achieve our vision, we have developed a set of strategic focus areas and core processes which in turn are driven by some strategic ambitions that include the following;
i) Achieve return on sales of 20% by the year 2016
ii) Achieve return on investment by the year 2017
iii) Improve resource efficiency across the full value chain
iv) Expand our market to the other parts of the East and Central African Region by the year 2020.
v) Achieve a regional market share of 40% in the East and Central African region by 2022.

Our Values
To enable our successful roll-out of our strategy and in turn the achievement of our vision, we must be clear not only about what we do but also how we will do it, through a process that involves individuals from across the company. Our values include;
i) Quality of our products
ii) Satisfying the needs of our customers through timely delivery of the products.
iii) Customer Satisfaction
iv) Business Integrity

Core Principles
There are certain behaviors we expect from all our employees under all circumstances and we call them non-negotiable behaviors.They are summarized as our core principles and they include the following;
1). Safety
2). Integrity
3). Sustainability